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Cost’s Involved

A standard of $4.00 per square foot, Should an intricate pattern be chosen, the cost will be $4.50. This is to cover the extra machine time and thread usage.

My minimum charge is $50.00

There is no loading fee, nor consultation fee

There is no thread fee, unless you choose specifically ordered threads or variegated threads.

Cost Calculation

To calculate the cost of the quilting, measure the length by the width of your quilt top in inches.

Ie 75” x 55”

Multiply the length by the width.

75 x 55 = 4125

Divide this amount by 144 to get square feet.

4125 – 144 = 28.645

Times this by $4.00 per square foot

28.645 x $4.00 = $114.58 therefore $114.55

Should you require a written quote please do not hesitate to contact me on 0427 908 492 or

email me direct at

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